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Let this introduction be your trigger warning. If you think we live in the darkest timeline, you haven’t seen nothing yet. It has a little bit of everything from Nazi vampires, to cyber-shaman indoctrination, to talking zombies lamenting their decay, and even to latex wearing nuns in scandalously alternative consenting relationships! This new age of apocalyptic horror is designed to explore the very darkest aspects of reality after the veneer of civility has been stripped away, but it’s also a setting full of hope, laugher, love (however alternative), and everyday moments of kindness intrinsic to the human spirit. (Or vampire spirit, or fairy spirit, or mutant spirit as the case my be.)

If any of these subjects frighten you, then you are encouraged to kindly turn back! There is no shame in in knowing your limits. We all have subjects that are difficult for us, and knowing yourself is a sign of maturity in itself. You are encourage to return to your social media of choice and search for puppies, kind words, and supportive friends, but if you aren’t worried about that... If for whatever reason you feel you want to explore that those mature themes or even revel in their darkly brutal bloody dark grimdark darkness, then you might just have a little fun here!

cannot promise that anything positive will come of reading, but it is my hope that if nothing else; it will be pretty fucking metal.


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