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(Paficish Language Version, Ed.3)

Now we all have questions. Why is the sky so cloudy, is it normally so green, do the wildfires ever stop, why haven’t you binned this paper yet? Short answer, bin it and we’ll find you. Long answer, let's all dive into it together! It’s been a wild few decades, that’s for sure.

Now if you’re mind bogglingly old, or your information is woefully out of date. You might be a little surprised by the cities of rubble. If you have any information on the before times, kindly report to your nearest Atom Scout station! Truth be told, the end of human civilization’s a matter of some debate. Every wastelander will give you a different story from mushroom clouds, to wildfires, to earth shattering quakes, and even to little green men if you’d believe that!

Now, sometimes folks will point to some conspicuous “culprits” hanging around like the shambling corpses in the cities, werefolks prowling the woods, and bellowing dragons circling the cascade mountains, but blaming them for all the world’s problems is irresponsible to say the least. The world’s packed full of primal horrors, but you’ll find few sentient creatures that can’t be reasoned with here. They’re not even newcomers to the area really. Our best research shows sightings of sasquatch alone dating back centuries, and don’t get us started on those kinky vamps. You could debate the records, sure, but Like it or not; the Pacific Nukewest has always been a hotspot for supernatural activity. No matter what’s truly happened in our past, we try to embrace some semblance of diversity without pointing fingers. Whether we like it or not, we’re all riding out these little apocalypses together.

A quick bit of survival advice for the area: don’t trust the water, use protection, and if you breathe in the ash report to your nearest shaman immediately. If you keep an ear to your radio, you might just locate survivors. City ruins like Portland, Seattle, Eugene, and Spokane might be a good place to chat up the zombies, but the glow downtown is more radiation than civilization. You wander too far out into the wilds though, and you might find locals that are less than friendly to outsiders. How you thread that needle is a personal preference, but if you have any other questions, you might want to check the other Scout ‘zines!

Our volunteers work tirelessly to bring you the most accurate stories, guides, tips, and tricks we can. Our ‘zines help local fundraising for bunkers, bug zappers, dams, bridges, purifiers, and even generators! Every little bit helps us not only brace for the next disaster, but rebuild slowly from the last! (Albeit one shelter at a time.)

Now; with gossip and myths around every corner, piecing together our broken history is all but impossible. That’s why systems of citations and canonicity are crucial to our efforts! We at the scouts collect and curate just about any story sent to us, no matter how-out there. We’ll never stop you from telling your story, if it means getting a clearer picture of the world around us.

Keep the wastelands weird, you beautiful freaks!