PNW-L1 Specimen(NL): "Charlotte"

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Specimen ID:  PNW-L1-5477(NL)

Nickname: Charlotte

Genus/species: Cereuform sapioamora

Notes: Homo Analogia, Aberrant, Escapee, Advisor, Restrained.

Response: NON-LETHAL.



Charlotte a stout cereuform standing at 162cm (5'4"). Charlotte's phenotype has a number of unusual qualities, which has made her a subject of interest for study. Her body resembles a hominid spider with additional limbs sprouting from her back, large eyes, chelicerae fangs, a 40cm ovipositor, and a plump abdomen mounted at the base of her chitinous vertebrae. She may often be found crouched with her limbs tucked in for protection, in which state she may be mistaken for a large arthropod.


Charlotte demonstrates behavior and physiology comparable to other cereuforms, and may be contained with similar methods, but there are some noteworthy differences that present challenges to her containment. Most importantly, under no circumstances, should a containment team come into direct contact with Charlotte's webbing.

  1. Web Production: Through unknown means, Charlotte's body has replicated the silk production of other arachnids. Producing upwards of a meter every 15 seconds, with an average output of 80 meters in a single day. Each strand can be upwards of 4cm wide and may be capable of supporting 50kg by itself. In testing scenarios, objects restrained by Charlotte have required 1200kgs of force to tear free.
  2. Body Compression: Charlotte's body is comprised of flexible plates that allow her to fit into openings as narrow as 25cm x 25cm.
  3. Vibration Sensitivity: Charlotte is extremely sensitive to vibrations picked up by her legs. This trait allows her to avoid recapture, if she is not properly cornered. This sensitivity has led to a compulsive need to restraint drones, specimens, and facility staff around her to prevent extraneous movement.


Charlotte is required to wear a set of custom restraints when she is outside of her habitat.

  1. Non-stick mittens and socks: Limiting her ability to climb and deafening her vibration sense.
  2. Spinneret caps: Preventing her from accessing her web.
  3. Hood blinder: Blocking vision from behind.
  4. Muzzle: To keep her chelicerae tucked away without hampering her speech.
  5. Bell cuffs: Providing attachment points while preventing her from sneaking up on personnel.
  6. Booklung limiter: lowering her oxygen intake by 0-75% to prevent sudden bursts of movement.
  7. Ovipositor chastity: Preventing ████ ███████ ███ and providing entertainment for site staff.
  8. Random stimulation harness: Redirecting concentration to vibrations and tactile stimuli, which increases to debilitating effect outside of permitted areas.


Generally Cereuform sapioamora will base their morphological characteristics off of other organisms using store houses of foreign genetic material. Most of the material used comes from Homo sapiens, but trace amounts of other specimens may appear in their storehouses. Her mother, specimen PNW-L1-5466(NL) "████████" appears to have attempted parthenogenesis without complete instructions for a hominid body plan. Prior to her pregnancy PNW-L1-5466(NL) exhibited erratic behaviors which were not properly understood at the time of the event. Repeated escape attempts, solicitations for sex, binge eating, stalking. PNW-L1-5466(NL) was taken to a high security isolation ward 1 week prior to giving birth, where an improper seal allowed her to get her hands on one Salticus scenicus; a common jumping spider species endemic to North America. Both the resulting egg clutch and PNW-L1-5466(NL) were returned to habitat ███████, where the 11 resultant offspring would pupate into their current forms. 10 failed to survive, but for 34 years, the body of PNW-L1-5477(NL) "Charlotte" went unaccounted for. During breach event █████ ███████ she was rediscovered and IDed in access shaft L1:49 near Dr.Gardner's residential wing, where her web played a critical role in preventing the escape of ██████.

Charlotte has proven cooperative and nonviolent to staff personnel, which has earned her an honorary position as an "advisory escapee" for levels 1-2. Her role is to test habitats, restraints, and non-lethal containment procedures for security's sake, and she is permitted to free roam on level 1 when not at work or in her habitat provided that she submits to her restraints.


Charlotte has taken on an advisory role in Cereuform habitat production and containment methodologies, when she herself isn't being used to test containment procedures. Breeding attempts with Charlotte have yielded mixed results. (For further details, see article: ████████████)



DFR-27: Charlotte

Role: Field Guide, Translator, Negotiator

Charlotte was conscripted by agent Summerfield on DFR-27's █████ ███████ long term field reconnaissance mission. Her assistance has allowed the Delver Union to map large portions of the Level 1 strata, and her actions in the Labrycruxian incursion allowed DFR-27 to escape capture by competing scavengers.

When Charlotte was found living alone in the L1:49 access shaft, reports did not indicate she was found wearing any of her required restraints. When questioned, Charlotte reported to have "lost them."

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