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This article offers a guideline for adding facility specimens, but it's only a guideline! You can add segments, remove them, change the order, or fully change the format as needed! It's not strict. You definitely don't need to do fill out all of them!


-------------------------------- Specimen ID:  PNW-L1-5477(NL) The codes for specimen IDs consist of an area code, a level from 1-5, a 4 digit number, and a containment type. An example would be, PNW-L1-5477(NL), which reads as "Pacific Northwest Level 1: 5477 (Non-Lethal)" The exact number of Undergrowth Facilities are unspecified, so feel free to make your own on earth or otherwise! Each level corresponds to both a physical level in the facility and a level of containment. Level 1 specimens are of minimum concern and may even be allowed to roam the facility relatively unhindered, while specimens on level 5 pose a mass extinction level threat to the biosphere.

Nickname: (Optional.) Not every specimen needs a name, but some do!

Genus/species: (Optional.) Individual specimens don't need to be of a known species, and they might not even represent a typical member of that species. Whatever works!

Notes: (Optional.) Generally this area has short tags and other quick details! Not a paragraph, but a few words like "homoanalogia" or "latexphera."

Response: This is a quick reference for emergency containment measures, so it's made to be as brief as possible! The two defined so far are just NL for "Non-Lethal" and LF for "Lethal Force."



This information helps drones and facility staff identify the specimen, so it's generally comprised of superficial descriptions, and doesn't contain any information on how the specimen works.


This is where the nitty gritty of the specimen's biology is explored. It can be used to talk about it's behaviors, what it's capable of, and how to contain it if it should prove a threat.


(Optional.) Purely for fun!


(Optional.) This is where the story happens!


(Optional.) If you want to detail their enclosure!


(Optional.) This is the threat that the specimen poses to the biosphere at large if it is allowed to roam free! It's sometimes used to detail possible scenarios in the event of a containment breach.


(Optional.) This is where you log various tests. It has some heavy overlap with utilization.


(Optional.) And this is how the Undergrowth Foundation uses or studies them, if at all.



This is what's become of the specimen after the collapse of all Undergrowth facilities. That is, if they've been found by Delver explorers at all! Some are never recovered, some are told of only in rumors by the facility's denizens, and others are avoided at all costs. This is a fantastic opportunity for stories from the Delver's perspective, and great place to show how specimens have changed in the intervening years.

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