Delver Expedition Report: Nostra Suit

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This picture shows an inactive Thalia Gardner clone sleeping in a Meditank. Its body wrapped in a nostra suit that provides readouts on its occupant. The clone's vitals appear stable as it awaits activation by authorized facility staff. (This picture was originally taken by DFR-27's agent Summerfeild on an expedition through a laboratory wing PNW: L1.)



Delver Expedition Report: Nostra Suit.


Following the drones back to their stations has proven to be a promising lead. The Undergrowth Facility appears to maintain several unmanned offices, and their requisition records have proven interesting to say the least. The Facility appears to have commissioned ██████ in the production of specialized equipment. Chief among them are these "Nostra" class Suits. Their primary purpose is to provide a sterile impermeable membrane similar to a hazmat suit, but they are lined with devices that serve as interfaces for medical devices. The order requests are as follows:

  1. Multiple injection ports with █████ sterilization.
  2. Multiple electrodes for monitoring the wearer and administering shocks.
  3. Blood pressure sensors in the extremities.
  4. Temperature sensors.
  5. Soft circuit chips. One at the nape of the neck, and several █████████ in ████████ █████████. The internal circuitry must contain all relevant biometric readings, past medical history, personal information, and ████████ without referencing external databases.
  6. Liquid based heating and cooling alongside filtered ventilation for long term wear.
  7. Internal waste management systems in addition to the standard access zippers with locking sliders.
  8. Double layered chlorinated latex sheets, vacuum sealed.

The laundry list of features is extensive, but from the available information it appears that the NostraSuits may have been used to contain biological hazards. The suits in storage appear to be safe in their sealed bags and may be salvaged in usable conditions, but there are also disposal sites around the labs for used suits that may be contaminated. Drones sent into the disposal sites refuse to listen to retrieval commands, and shortly after deactivate themselves in what may be an emergency quarantine procedure.

The lab sites on floors ██ to ███ appear to contain live subjects still dressed in Nostra Suits from when the facility was still active. The biomedical information stored on their soft circuits may be invaluable for future expeditions, but Delvers should be cautioned to verify the suit seals before approaching the subjects.

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