Cy-Drone Designation System

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The designations given to ██████ Cy-Drones follow a 3 part system designed to be easily parsed by digital inventory and human handlers.

The designations consist of a 2 digit area code, a 4 digit individual designation, and a 2 digit function. As an example, R1-2201-LM may be read as "Pacific Nukewest Conversion Facility - Drone 2201 - Labor, Mechanical."

Drone Production Area Code
R1 Pacific Nukewest Conversion Facility
A2 Antarctic Borehole Facility
Drone Function Code
AP Alpha, Prototype
CE Care, Extraplanar
CH Care, Homoanalogia
CX Care, Xenofauna
LE Labor, ███████
MC Medical, Conversion
MH Medical, Homoanalogia
MT Medical, Technolitch
MX Medical, Xenobiological
LH Labor, Heavy
LL Labor, Light
LM Labor, Mechanical
LT Labor, Technical
PD Pony, Draft
PR Pony, Response/Recon
RS Rehabilitative, Service
SB Security, Baseline
SR Security, Response
TS Test, Subject