Monstra Somnicarcerum

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Let this introduction be your trigger warning. This world draws inspiration primarily from the biblical hell, along with other less than lovely divine punishments and afterlives. It has some truly disturbing and visceral content. To describe it in detail may cause readers to loose their lunch, but in a brief overview: some examples range from rivers of clotted blood, to trees of pustule fruit, to shambling horrors of malformed stillbirth, and to nuns in oil-black robes whose opulence I shudder to describe. This nightmarish realm is built to explore our darkest fears, but it is also a story of primal survival from the brutal wildness of the fleshscapes, to the cutthroat politics of ivory cities, to the mutinous crews of the corpsecrafts. These stories are -by necessity- animalistic, wild, and raw, but that doesn't mean that they can't experience joy, love, triumph, and even peace. This world may be a waking nightmare of eternal torment, but even damned souls have within themselves the capacity for altruism, however futile.

If any of these subjects frighten you, then you are encouraged to kindly turn back! There is no shame in knowing your limits. We all have subjects that are difficult for us, and knowing yourself is a sign of maturity in itself. You are encouraged to return to your social media of choice and search for puppies, kind words, and supportive friends, but if you aren’t worried about that... If for whatever reason you feel you want to explore those mature themes or even revel in their darkly brutal bloody dark grimdark darkness, then you might just have a little fun here!

I cannot promise that anything positive will come of reading, but it is my hope that if nothing else; it will be pretty fucking metal.

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